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Testing & Finance Conference 2009,June 22-23, Frankfurt in Germany.

Testing & Finance Conference(June 22-23, Frankfurt in Germany) is the main conference held by Díaz & Hilterscheid
Unternehmensberatung GmbH for the test professionals worldwide. The conference gathers together decision makers and
well-known speakers in QA and testing and the main topics include such as "Strategic Outsourcing of Software Testing",
"Basic Test Design Techniques", "SOA:what's in it for testing". imbus Shanghai is going to deliver the speech
"Marketization analysis and prediction of Testing Outsourcing in China".
For more details of the event, please click http://www.imbus.cn/upFile/uploadfiles/2009415023255856.rar

More information on the Event on http://www.testingexperience.com website.

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