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ISTQB CT-AL in-house training for Shanghai Software Testing Center
ISTQB CT-AL in-house training for Shanghai Software Testing Center

    June 18th to 27th 2010, imbus Shanghai has successfully hold the "ISTQB Certified Tester-Advanced Level-Test Manager" in-house training for Shanghai Software Testing Center.

    Shanghai Software Testing Center is authorized to carry out software testing organizations and established a extensive and close ties with the software、information and technology enterprises.

    We invited imbus Shanghai's CTO Ms Xiong as trainer. Ms Xiong owning more than 15 years QA and software testing working experience, served as senior manager office Siemens, had his inaugural senior director of Flextronics, and make the creation of wireless test laboratory during that time. Research interests: development and test, test project management, test team formation and management.  

    The participation of students in-house training of more than 20 people , though Ms Xiong ‘s careful preparation, legend and model with the after class exercises, students can fully command the knowledge learned in class. All the students are listened carefully and exchange each other's testing management's experience; when after class they reviewed and consolidated the knowledge they learned and the experience they gained.

    In this 5-day training, students have more profound understanding in software testing, enhanced the Shanghai Software Testing Center software testing professional competence to enable them to better testing, improving the quality of work. .Also students highly appreciated this in-house training. The success of this in-house training is basis for imbus Shanghai to culture more software testers internationally for domestic enterprises.

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