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The smart solution for all test functions: imbus AG releases TestBench Version 2.1
The smart solution for all test functions: imbus AG releases TestBench Version 2.1

Möhrendorf, Germany, June 2010 – Die TestBench, the tool support for all tasks in software testing, provides a completely revised user interface.

The revision is also apparent in the corporate design – in the course of this both the logo and the claim were changed. Version 2.1 of TestBench was first presented in June at this year’s “Trends in Testing” organised by imbus AG.

 Login window of TestBench Version 2.1 (Fig.1)

As compared to the previous version, TestBench Version 2.1 provides a range of new functions.
For example, a new simplified view was implemented especially for test execution. This execution view provides the testers with a quick overview of and easy access to the tests they executed. 

The new user interface using the example of the TestBench execution view (Fig. 2)

TestBench also provides a completely revised and clear user interface.

“Primarily, operation for testers was considerably simplified with the new version of TestBench,” explains Dierk Engelhardt, Product Manager responsible for imbus TestBench. “We drew up the design with communication psychologists so that intuitive operation and fast, easy learning are 100% guaranteed.”
Representation and chromaticity, especially, were made more attractive.
Among other things, characteristics of the new design are: 

  • Modernised window design with less lines and clearly separated areas
  • More unified colour symbolism of the elements
  • More comprehensible symbols, icons and markers
  • Text notes on functionality
  • Simplified operation with drag&drop, selection, editing properties

Clear navigation and intuitive operation provide additional clarity. The operating steps were also optimised: The contents are now more oriented on the most important use cases. Thus all information necessary for executing a use case is visible at a glance.Version 2.1 of TestBench will be released on June 30, 2010.

Further information at www.testbench.info

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