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Tilo Linz, the founder and CEO of imbus AG visited imbus Shanghai
Tilo Linz, the founder and CEO of imbus AG visited imbus Shanghai
Tilo Linz, the founder and CEO of imbus AG has visited imbus Shanghai on Oct.28th, 2011. All the staff in imbus Shanghai office showed their warmest welcome to his coming.
After the tour of office area and testing lab, Tilo made a speech entitled “The past, present and future of imbus” to all the people. He introduced the achievements imbus AG has made in the past a few years vividly. At the same time, Tilo also listened to the presentation by Ms. Xiong, CFO of imbus Shanghai, about our present and future development.
In the afternoon, Tilo changed viewpoints with Mr. Zhou, general manager of imbus Shanghai and Ms. Xiong and marketing department colleagues on marketing cooperation, project cooperation, customer relation management, etc. Tilo showed his approval and encouragements of what imbus Shanghai has done in Chinese market. It’s our honor to win the support from imbus AG which would be great help to the future development of imbus Shanghai.
All the staff in imbus Shanghai will bear in mind Tilo’s suggestion and make endeavor to build imbus Shanghai the leading enterprise in domestic software testing industry; to call forth all our energy in doing everything; to push forward the internationalization and localization of imbus Shanghai ; to get well prepared to its rapid development in the near future.

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