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Alon Linetzki, CEO of BestTesting visited imbus Shanghai
Alon Linetzki, CEO of BestTesting visited imbus Shanghai
Alon Linetzki, CEO of BestTesting was invited to visit imbus Shanghai on Oct. 27th, 2011, and received the warmest welcome of all the staff.
We have launched deep exchange between BestTesting and imbus Shanghai and reached agreements in the end. Both parties have become long-term partners. imbus Shanghai would take consideration of Alon’s rich experience and explore our software testing courses that cater to international needs.
At the same time, Alon was surprised and impressed by the spectacular achievements imbus Shanghai has made in the past a few years. He is looking forward to further cooperating with imbus Shanghai in seminars, consulting, training and other possible aspects. Besides, he also hopes that our testers can be able to Israel later for study & exchange in software testing.
Alon Linetzki is the president of ITCB and SIGiST who possesses more than 28 years’ experience in software development and systems analysis, 18 years’ software testing experience, and being a senior consulting expert in software testing and its quality assurance. BestTesting was founded in 2008 by Alon, and its clients include HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft and IBM.

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