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imbus shanghai software testing salon achieved complete success
imbus shanghai software testing salon achieved complete success
05.08.2012 software testing salon achieved complete success, which was cosponsored by imbus Shanghai, Ltesting, Continuation Education School of Tongji University and Cifal Shanghai.
We were honored to invite many distinguished guests: Mr. Bill Liu, testing expert of Microsoft U.S. headquarters; Mr. Richard Deng, assistant Vice President of DBS Bank (China); Mr. Kevin Chen, senior test manager of Sony Shanghai; Mr. Junfei Ma, senior test manager of IBM Shanghai; Mr. Zhenyi Zhou, test expert and GM of imbus Shanghai; Ms. Xiaohong Xiong, head of CSTQB marketing work group, representative of the ISTQB marketing work group; and Mr. Xin He, founder of Ltesting, hosted the salon. At the same time, other experts attended salon including: Mr. Wenqiang Zheng, test expert of Alcatel; Dr. Qiliang Cui, founder of Igsgroup; Mr. Afeng Chai, test expert of Test Art company; Mr. Gang Wuyu, director of Cifal Shanghai and Mr. Bin Ni, Vice President of Continuation Education School of Tongji University.
Mr. Zhenyi Zhou, GM of imbus Shanghai opened the salon with a speech, with the live Sina Weibo communication running through the event. The participants, guests, not only discussed dynamically in the testing field but also communicated with people on line.
Moreover, lottery draw was holding during the event to improve the atmosphere in salon. Prizes include: test book "perfect software testing" which sponsored by Professor Shaomin Zhu, "Software Testing Foundations (Second Edition), "Advanced Software Testing volume 1 - senior software test Analyst", "Advanced Software Testing volume 2 - advanced software test manager" which sponsored by imbus Shanghai.
In the period of Salon, Bill Liu took a speech: "how to do software testing in world-class companies."  Compared with testing in Microsoft, Google, Facebook, which illustrating the software quality assurance methods and trend. Then, Mr. Xin He took a speech: "bite target: how to manage your test in different companies," which gave all the audience a very deep impression.
The final round-table discussion is also brilliant: all the people discussion around the same topic: "take-ism: let your test ideal landing." The topic through characteristics, personnel requirements, and management methods of Internet companies, product companies and project companies, make testers can grasp the real practical test experience and methods.
The Salon was attracted about 200 participants, companies including Siemens, HP, SAP, Tencent, Omron, Honeywell, Nokia Siemens, QAD, Ericsson, Tellabs, GE, Autodesk, Baidu, Samsung, Philips and so on. The feedback of event is outstanding, many participants hope imbus Shanghai can organize salon as much as possible! Therefore, all the salon staff is highly praised by guests and participants.
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