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First German language scrum book for testers is published: “Testing in Scrum Projects” by Tilo Linz
28.02.13 First German language scrum book for testers is published: “Testing in Scrum Projects” by Tilo Linz

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The publishing company dpunkt.Verlag has announced today on Twitter that they have decided, on the spur of the moment, to increase the number of prize copies from five to ten. Thanks a lot to dpunkt.Verlag!

To win the additional five copies, please refer to the competition rules at bit.ly/WjcunI

Heidelberg, February 2013 -Anyone who goes to amazon.de and inputs the search keywords “Scrum” and “Softwaretest” will, from now on, get exactly one hit: the German-language book „Testen in Scrum-Projekten“ written by imbus CEO Tilo Linz.

At the same time, the 993 results that come up for the single keyword “Scrum” are a significant indication of just how topical this subject is right now in the field of software development. That shows just how important it is to go into detail about the subject of testing in scrum projects.

“Testing in Scrum Projects”, the first scrum book for testers by Tilo Linz, is being published by dpunkt.Verlag this week , and imbus AG is celebrating the launch by giving away five copies in a prize draw  at @imbus_AG on Twitter.

The switch to agile practices has had far-reaching effects on the work of development teams – from requirements management to software testing and on to software quality assurance. In “Testing in Scrum Projects”, development managers, project managers, test managers and quality managers receive useful hints and tips on how quality assurance has to be organised in order to fulfil these new requirements. The book also provides the reader with case studies from different manufacturers, online traders and software companies, a detailed example running through the whole book as well as exercises and check questions.

To get a sneak preview of this book, just go to the official website of the publishing company, dpunkt.Verlag:  http://bit.ly/VAhJNj

Anyone interested in an additional three-day intensive training course to accompany this book now has the opportunity to participate in the appropriate course, “Testing in Scrum Projects”, at the imbus Academy. You can find out more about this by going to the imbus Academy site at http://bit.ly/YGV6p4.

Would you also like to take part in our competition?

This is what you can win:

5x a free copy of the brand new book “Testing in Scrum Projects” (in the German language) by Tilo Linz worth EUR 34.90 http://amzn.to/zss7Nu.

How does it work?

In two really easy steps:

1.  Follow our Twitter account “imbus AG”  http://twitter.com/#/imbus_ag

2.  Then please tweet the following text:  @imbus_AG I’d like to win the book “#Testing in #Scrum Projects” by Tilo Linz!  http://bit.ly/WjcunI

The winners of the five books will be drawn from all the followers who send this tweet. To do this, five random numbers will be generated by the true random number generator on random.org. The five numbers each stand for one winner from the participating followers. The follower list of @imbus_AG will be counted from bottom to top. The closing date is 15th March 2013.

Only one entry is allowed per person and per Twitter account.
Attention: The winner will contacted by direct message and tweet to his Twitter account to inform him of his win.
Employees of imbus AG and affiliated companies are not permitted to participate in this competition.
The judges’ decision is final. We will dispatch the prizes to the winners.

Good luck to all participants!   

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