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The treasure of standards: New visitor record at “Trends in Testing 2013”


Möhrendorf, 19 March, 2013 – You only need the right treasure map and the path will get simple – this holds true for software testing, too. At this year’s “Trends in Testing” referents and visitors headed for the treasure of the new standard ISO/IEC 29119.

In the last three weeks “Trends in Testing” stopped over in Hamburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Bonn, Hofheim and Zürich. Overall some 350 it experts visited the series of events to learn more about the new standard ISO/IEC 29119 and the work of standardization bodies. This is a new record for “Trends in Testing” that take place every year since 2006. There is a reason for the great response: The first three of a total of five parts of the ISO/IEC 29119 will be published in June or July 2013.

Under the motto “Testing is getting easier!” the speakers at “Trends in Testing” showed how precious the ISO/IEC 29119 is. For the first time there will be a central and consistent definition for the vocabulary, the process, the documentation and the techniques concerning testing. The new standard is relevant for all life cycle models and it supersedes already existing well-known standards such as the IEEE 829 about test documentation. ISO/IEC 29119 will become the essential guideline for testing and software quality assurance.

You can find the slides of the single lectures in German languages from Wednesday, 20 March, 2013 in the download area of imbus AG at www.imbus.de.

Every year “Trends in Testing” is devoted to one current trend in the sector of software quality assurance and testing. The mix of best practices and results of research in combination with examples of concrete tool support makes the event unique in this context. You are already eagerly awaiting next year’s program? Subscribe here to the e-mail distribution.

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