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16.04.13imbus bemoans the loss of Jörg Schulten, co-founder and executive board member

16.04.13imbus bemoans the loss of Jörg Schulten, co-founder and executive board member

Möhrendorf, 16 April 2013 – Sorrow-stricken we have to announce the death of Jörg Schulten, board member of the imbus AG.

In 1992 Jörg Schulten, a young computer scientist, founded imbus together with his friends
Tilo Linz, Thomas Roßner, Bernd Nossem, Hendrik Rässler and Peter Studtrucker. In more than 20 years Jörg Schulten formed the imbus AG and made the company to what it is today.
In addition to his enormous commitment to the company Jörg Schulten was vice-chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Erlangen.
Our thoughts are with his family.

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