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Looking for Software Testing Treasures
Looking for software testing treasures seminar will hold on May 31, 2013 in Shanghai, China.
This seminar imbus Shanghai invited tester managers Mr. Sean Qian, who come from medical industry and Mr. Terry Zuo, who come from energy industry. They will bring you into the software testing world. At the same time, imbus AG senior test consultant Mr. Gunnar Heidinger, will share valuable international test experience to us. Let’s work together to find the treasure in the software testing!
Time: May 31, 2013 (Friday) 13:30-17:00
Location: Shanghai, China
Registration: Please fill out the
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, send mail to imbus_cs@imbus.cn
Cost: Free
Tel: +86-21 -5027 4732
Participants: Director of QA, test manager, test team leader, senior test engineer
Theme: Looking for software testing treasures
Time and Location:May 31, 2013 in Shanghai, China
All guests
imbus Shanghai
Win in test team management
Sean Qian
Experience share
Introduce of Particle Therapy project
Gunnar Heidinger
Meet the Experts
All guests
The Future of Agile Software
Terry Zuo
Meet the Experts
All guests
Speaker and topic contents


Speaker:Sean Qian
Mr. Sean Qian served as a test manager position at Siemens Medical. Start from the founder of the test team, team development and lead the team to complete the task of system-level testing.
He Has 9 years experience in the medical industry and 7 years of system testing experience. Focus on the test team management.

Topic:Win in test team management
1. How to build a test team
2. How test team grow up
3. What are the key elements of successful test team

Speaker:Gunnar Heidinger
Mr. Gunnar Heidinger holds a degree in biology. He is a certified ISTQB® software tester and is working with imbus Germany since 2006. Since then he is mainly busy in the medical field, testing on an integration and system test level. Presently he is part of a team building a cancer particle therapy plant in Shanghai.

Topic:Introduce of Particle Therapy project
1. Physical basics of particle therapy
2. Differences to conventional radiation therapy
3. Special challenges


Mr. Terry Zuo works as software manager at GE Oil & Gas Shanghai Software Development Center.
More than 12 years software testing, quality and process control experience.
He graduated from East China Normal University and is an ISTQB® Certified Test Manager. Terry is engaged in many Agile/Scrum teams as Certified Scrum Master.

Topic:The Future of Agile Software Development
1. The Future of Agile Software Development
2. Our Development Process: 40 Months of Evolution
3. Open discussion: the impediments & Our practice

About us
imbus Shanghai is a German professional software testing company, as the leader of the software testing industry, imbus committed to provide and share international software testing training and software testing consulting to customers.

The series of seminar of imbus Shanghai are totally free. The purpose of seminar is built platform for software testing industry, help test managers share software testing technology and management methods, improve product quality!

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