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Ways to better software: The latest iX special issue features two articles from imbus authors
Moehrendorf, 21 June 2013 – Errors are made – there is no cure for that? And what about agility and maturity models – they never mix? imbus testing experts Thomas Roßner, Dr. Christian Brandes and Joachim Hofer show that this isn’t always the case. Their technical contributions are released today in the new issue of the German IT magazine iX “Bessere Software”.

To err is human. So how to avoid defects during software development? In his article Joachim Hofer considers exactly this question. He presents strategies and specific techniques for preventing defects.
Studies have proven that errors occur when you are overloaded cognitively. That can easily happen when you are developing software: For example, you have to keep in mind what kind of code changes have been done and where, which changes are yet to come and which requirements belong to them. In addition, perhaps you try to keep your incoming email in view or you help colleagues asking for advice. To prevent errors under these circumstances, it is necessary to reduce the complexity of the work environment. Often, organisational measures already help. But it can be every bit as promising to address the code to be developed and to cut down its complexity. Hofer’s technical contribution presents software development techniques that can accomplish this and it shows how they can relieve you during every day work.
If you want high employee satisfaction while reaching your project goals, you also need the right kind of project management. Agile models are more popular than ever. After all they make it possible for teams to adapt quickly to changing customer and market requirements. But what do you do when have to stick to regulatory frameworks for example like in the automobile sector?
imbus Chairman Thomas Roßner and Dr. Christian Brandes explain in their joint article how agile projects can be viewed and rated from the perspective of maturity models. They prove that contrary to popular believe it is very well possible to use suitable models in order to enhance the productivity and quality of agile processes in a purposeful, reliable and lightweight way. In other words: Process maturity and agility can make a perfect fit.


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