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Does investing in model-based testing pay off? New issue of OBJEKTspektrum features article 
 Moehrendorf, 27 June 2013 – You can increase efficiency and effectivity in the test process by using model-based testing. But is it profitable to do so? Is there a way to assess whether investing in model-based testing is paying off? An article in the new issue of the German technical journal OBJEKTspektrum systematically analyses costs and benefits. It was written by the working group TOOP/MBT of the German Gesellschaft für Information, including the imbus testing expert Dr. Christian Brandes.

Measures for the quality assurance of software represent a significant cost factor in the development of software – usually between 25 and 50 percent of the overall budget. That is why is so important to increase the testing efficiency. Dr. Christian Brandes and the other members of the working group TOOP/MBT prove: Model-based testing can do that – when you apply it in appropriate situations and purposefully adapt it to the respective development process.
They developed a procedure enabling you to gauge the profitability (Return on Invest – ROI) of model-based testing. It is a lean yet convincing key indicator analysis which either warrants or declines investments in a traceable way. The analysis supports investments in model-based testing with key figures on profitability and achievement of objectives ab initio. For further information on the working group please go towww1.gi-ev.de/fachbereiche/softwaretechnik/tav/toop/index.html.

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