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Test specification with reusable components: Adcubum relies on the interaction method of imbus TestB
 Moehrendorf, 11 July 2013 – Putting together software tests brick by brick: Test specification is almost a child’s play when you work with TestBench. The Adcubum Group confirms that, too. They have been applying the TestBench for two years now.

Using the co called interaction method (a combination of the methods keyword driven tests and data driven tests) in the test design, tests can be structured of reusable components. By implementing interactions, new or changed test cases get automated or again executable for different software releases and customers in a minimum of time. In that way, the regression test reaches unprecedented automation rates and scales in the log run.
The module principle played a key role in Adcubum Group’s decision to use the TestBench for their inventory management system adcubum SYRIUS. Adcubum is counted among the leading manufacturers of insurance software in Switzerland.

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