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Tips for perfect software development

 New compendium features chapters from the imbus authors Thomas Roßner and Dr. Christian Brandes

Moehrendorf, 6 September 2013 – Developing software today means being presented with the challenge to ensure the quality of complex products under enormous pressure of time and cost. Why is agile software development so ideal for that? And how can you test e.g. mobile apps systematically and efficiently given this challenge? The imbus authors Dr. Christian Brandes and Thomas Roßner provide answers in two chapters of the new German-language book “Perfekte Softwareentwicklung” from Symposion Publishing.

The almost 450 pages thick book shows: when you develop software, quality, performance and adherence of schedules are no coincidence. In “Perfekte Softwareentwicklung” altogether 31 experts from research and practice present the crucial trends and procedures you need to optimize processes reliably and continuously.

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