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Testing à la carte

imbus provides first-hand knowledge about ISO standard 29119

Moehrendorf, 24 September 2013 – The first three parts of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 series of standards have now been published. But what benefits for your everyday work can you actually derive from the norm? With the German-language seminar “Testen à la carte”, imbus Academy and the DIN Academy in the Beuth Verlag make you competent for standard 29119. The know-how comes from imbus testing expert Matthias Daigl who takes an active part in the development of the series at the ISO.

Managing consultant Matthias Daigl is one of two Germans in the international ISO/IEC JTC 1 subcommittee 07 work group 26 “Software testing” – i.e. the testing experts elaborating the standard 29119. The series represents the first internationally uniform ISO standards for software testing ever. The first three parts cover concepts and definitions, test processes as well as test documentation. Part four on test techniques is expected to be released in middle of 2014 and part five on keyword-driven testing – with Matthias Daigl as its editor – in 2015.
The series 29119 is relevant for all life cycle models. It supersedes the well-known norms IEEE 829 about documentation and BS 7925 about test techniques. Up to now, all ISTQB® Certified Testers have been trained in accordance with these two norms. So it’s high time to get informed about ISO 29119 in order to stay up-to-date.
In the two-day seminar “Testen à la carte” Matthias Daigl passes on his knowledge about the series 29119. Together with his colleague Michael Riemer and DIN Academy he provides an introduction to the first four parts. What changes in comparison to the former standards? What stays the same? How can you use the new series in a sensible way for current or upcoming projects? And how can it be adapted to individual conditions in companies?
If you would like to be counselled on the norm series 29119 more in-depth, imbus consulting is your ideal contact partner. ISO expert Matthias Daigl and his colleagues help you to exhaust the standard’s advantages according to individual roles within the software development process and to integrate it seamlessly in already existing internal process models.
Learn more about the ISO seminar at www.imbus.de/akademie and about the consulting at www.imbus.de/english/iso-29119.

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