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Managing test data efficiently

New tool category on Testtool Review

Moehrendorf, 29 October 2013 – Whether bank, insurance provider, civil service or telecommunication service provider: The higher the amount of data of high quality, the bigger the challenge to supply them on schedule, reproducibly and – in the case of productive data – anonymously for the testing process. Test data management (TDM) tools are vital for this. The platform Testtoolreview.de provides now an overview of the respective tools.

Test case data, stock data and environmental data are counted among test data. Test data management tools help to provide, maintain and actualise them. Tasks that cannot or only with difficulty be solved manually get automised and thus simplified by these tools. That is why the tools support the day-to-day work of project ant test managers, test designers, test automation specialists and software testers.
How to find the perfect tool for the specific TDM project? Testtoolreview.com has compiled current relevant tools in the category “Test data management”. Some of the tools are specialised for certain aspects, like data generation or data masking for example. Others, the so-called test management suites, cover the entire test data lifecycle.
On Testtool Review you can clearly compare TDM tools with just a few clicks. Registered users have the possibility to comment specific tools, ask questions, discuss and share usage experiences with the community.
Manufacturers and distribution companies have the possibility to list their own TDM tool on the information portal. Later on, they can maintain the tool profile and actualise it any time. All functions on the site are completely free of charge – for users, tool manufacturers and distribution companies.
Find out more on https://www.testtoolreview.de/en/tool-categories/item/69-test-data-management.

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