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Testtool Review version 3.2 provides new functions for comments and news

Moehrendorf, 29 November 2013 – testtolreview.com is growing by leaps and bounds: 185 software testing tools are already listed on the information portal. And staying update about innovations on the tool market is now easier than ever before. Testtool Review version 3.2 is online and it provides – besides further updates – enhanced news and comment functions.

In TTR 3.2 you can individually define how many articles in the tool list and in the news list appear. In addition to that, also current tool posts can be shown in the news overview.
Testtool Review 3.2 holds further additional functions for registered users: They have the possibility to edit their own comments even after their publication on the platform. Users can block their own comments when they should no longer be visible for the community. And there is now a list in the user menu which contains one’s own comments and tools, including the suggested tools.

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