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Will Reactive Programming prove practicable?

Article from imbus author Joachim Hofer about the new programming style’s potential

Moehrendorf, 4 December 2013 – Reactive Programming is booming. About 1500 developers have already signed the Reactive Manifesto that was published in summer 2013. But what exactly is “reactive”? And how about the practical applicability of the programming style? imbus testing expert Joachim Hofer provides answers in his new German-language article “Reactive Programming – vom Hype zum Praxiseinsatz” on heise online.

The Reactive Manifesto asks for implementations which are always able to react to stimuli. For that reason they have to be interactive, fault tolerant, scalable and – above all – event-driven. An implementation in turn is just rated as event-driven in case you can edit events simply and asynchronously.
Joachim Hofer’s article shows: It is nearly as easy to do so with synchronously arriving events like with asynchronous ones. And continuing editing asynchronous events that are way more complex and convoluted is not rocket science, too. Click www.heise.de/developer/artikel/Reactive-Programming-vom-Hype-zum-Praxiseinsatz-2059533.html for the entire German-language article.

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