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10000 times first-hand testing knowhow

 imbus Academy welcomes its 10000th training participant

Moehrendorf, 16 December 2013 – 9999 training participants have already successfully entrusted imbus Academy with their further education. For that reason imbus Academy is ranked among to most experienced training providers when it comes to software-QA and test. Today, Jan Peukert completed the myriad. Arne Becher, head of imbus Academy, opened the seminar by surprising him with a Franconian gift hamper. There was also enough time for some questions to the 10000th training participant.

imbus: Five days of training for the ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level Testmanager. Your first day of the course has just begun. Why do you rely on the Certified Tester?

Jan Peukert: “As a tester you can be sure to learn the most important basic knowledge. The Certified Tester glossary is the standard vocabulary in our industry. Without a sound knowledge of the terminology you will really struggle in the communication with colleagues and customers. Speaking of customers: In my experience they demand the Certified Tester of testing service providers as a prerequisite.”

imbus: How important is further training for testers?

Peukert: “Very important – I would imagine it is as important as it is for most of the challenging jobs nowadays. Besides knowledge transfer there is also a second pretty important benefit when I take a further training course: I meet colleagues from other branches and companies and I have the possibility to swap ideas with them. Truth be told, for me that’s almost an even greater incentive to attend the training than the certificate itself.”

imbus: You came from Lindau on Lake Constance to attend the seminar. Have you attended trainings of imbus Academy before?

Peukert: “Yes, I’ve gained the Foundation Level at imbus, too. It was an in-house training on-site at my former employer – and now I’m in the Testmanager course at imbus in Moehrendorf. I checked on imbus.de where and when the Academy offered the Testmanager course and the date was excellently suited to me.”

imbus: imbus trainers are testing experts with practical experience. At the courses they teach besides the theoretical background also how to put the methods into praxis. Do you hope that you can directly profit from the Testmanager training for your work? 

Peukert: “I benefit from practical relevance on two levels. It is part of the training that we hear practical examples – that is one level. The other level is when it comes to a discussion among the course participants. How do they rate certain situations at testing? What kind of experiences do they gain at their every-day work? Which paths do the other Testmanagers walk to seek a monitoring from their lot, for example? That is exciting and gives fresh impetus to me. I listen to the practical examples and I directly draw parallels to my work.”

Arne Becher (right) surprised Jan Peukert with a gift hamper.

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