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Off-shore Testing
Testing staff / Resource
Test Lab
Test Lab


Test center, complete with resources, people and infrastructure - dedicated to specific customer
Virtual extension of customer’s testing team
Set up developed and maintained by Nous


Test architecture & planning
Test suite development; test scripts for automated testing
Developing test drivers
Conducting testing and regression testing
Testing for Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Scalability


Cost-efficient than deploying people onsite
Test team develops expertise in customer domain
Follow the sun model; 7 by 24 response – one click, one call or one email puts you in touch with the dedicated teams at the Testing & Verification Division at Nous Infosystems.


Dedicated Test Lab with computer hardware and software
Satellite link for communication and accessing customer’s Computer Resources
A very senior technical professional heads the Test Lab

Working Model

Small onsite team for execution, test specifications and plans
Test suite development and testing at the Test Center
Each project at the customer site is assigned a team at the Center
Test teams to access programs and documents through satellite link
Nous onsite team accountable for deliverables
Suitable progress monitoring scheme

Responsibilities & Costs from Nous

Financing and setting up the center with required facilities
Recruit and support for the entire test team
Basic computer hardware and software

Responsibilities & Costs - from the Customer

Pre-determined hourly rates for onsite and offshore personnel
Atleast 2 persons onsite and 10 at the center for 2-3 years
Needs to provide high end hardware or software
Needs to impart domain specific training


Case Study
Casestudy-Intergration Testing
Casestudy-Function testing
Casestudy-Automation Testing
Casestudy-Product develop and test
Casestudy-System test(pdf)
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